Who are Sonlight?

SonLight are primarily the music ministry for the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland founded by Patrick Rushe and Patrick O Kane(

 For many years, the people in the House of Prayer, prayed for a music ministry and, since the House opened, many have been involved in forming this. 

In 2003, Patrick Rushe began receiving Songs from Jesus.  As he did not believe he had any musical talent and was embarrassed to sing in front of others, he asked Jesus to explain what was happening and Jesus replied:

 “…The expression that I have made in the music is what I want My children to hear.  Some of these Songs will suit some and others will suit others.  I give them to make My children understand more about Me.  I give happy Songs and I give loving Songs because all these expressions are what is within My Heart.  They seem simple but they carry a depth that allows the soul to speak rather than the body.  As you sang the Words with the melody, did you not feel it?  I have given here what I wished the soul to express.

 As you come close to Me, I bring out in you the Gifts that I have given to you when you were conceived.  As I have told you before, you listen to Me and through that willingness, I can express Myself through Messages, Songs, Words…”  Tuesday 4 February 2003
 Since then, Jesus has brought a group together to be a committed music ministry for His House -   Aine, Anne-Marie, Brigid, Kathleen and Stephen.

When asked about a name for the band, Jesus said He was the Son and He shone His Light through them so they would be called SonLight. 

 The main purpose of SonLight is to bring people to Jesus through music.  SonLight are a non-profit band who seek only to bring the Love and Peace of Jesus to others through song.

 SonLight’s first big venture was ‘The Sweetest Thing’ Concert in November 2009.  For those in the band who are not professional musicians, this was their first experience of performing to a large crowd.  It was certainly an ice breaker for the band, who were delighted by the success.  Since then, life has been busy!

SonLight have played at many weddings and funerals throughout Ireland and play in Holy Trinity Church, Cookstown, usually every fortnight (also in other parishes on request).  They have travelled to London, Slovenia and the U.S.A. to play at worship style prayer meetings, fundraising concerts for the homeless, Pro-Life charities and a church restoration project.

 In May 2013, Patrick felt the weekly Prayer Meeting in the Sacred Heart House of Prayer needed to be revived.  Jesus was calling us to a deeper, less structured awareness of His Presence.  The Meeting has been a massive success with a strong regular attendance.  Many testify that this music centred Meeting has brought them to a deeper understanding of Jesus and the joy of His Presence.  The Meeting takes place on Wednesdays at 8:30pm.  All welcome.

 SonLight perform and record original songs in the studio at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.  These inspired songs can be found on CDs such as “The Sweetest Thing,” “The Christ is Born,” and “Everything That’s True.”  Jesus has Blessed us with about a hundred original Songs.  Each band member has their own unique taste in music but there is something so special in each Song that remains close to our hearts.

Whilst playing at a friend’s wedding in County Meath, Ireland in April 2014, our videographers, Tom and Matej, were recording the wedding.  Patrick edited the video and uploaded a clip to Youtube capturing SonLight singing ‘Be Thou My Vision’ followed by the priest’s surprise version of ‘Hallelujah.’  The congregation loved it and they were not the only ones.  After sharing this clip on YouTube, it went viral.  Within one day of uploading, it had received three thousand views.  The video has, at the moment of writing, received 43,817,999 views worldwide.  The amount of exposure this video received was fantastic.  Due to the popularity of this recording, SonLight’s videos – which beforehand were hardly looked at – rocketed in views and so Jesus’ Songs got out further into the world and were seen by people who would not have seen them otherwise.

 What delighted everyone the most was the sheer amount of believers and non believers alike who were touched.  We believe this was Jesus.  Go, Jesus!

We are blessed to have many talented friends in vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin and sound who help us out from time to time.  We thank God for you.  May He Bless you abundantly.

 Our music is available on CD from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer or to download here on this website as well as itunes, amazon spotify etc.

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